Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CCTV System Price

Brand: i-Crown, Origin: Taiwan, Made by China. 

Computer Based CCTV PCI
4 Channel PCI DVR Card Price: 4,500.00 (BD)
8 Channel PCI DVR Card Price: 6,500.00 (BD)
16 Channel PCI DVR Card Price: 9,000.00 (BD)
24 Channel PCI DVR Card Price: 00.00 (BD)  coming soon.
32 Channel PCI DVR Card Price: 00.00 (BD) coming soon.

Computer Based CCTV USB
4 Channel USB DVR Card Price: 5,500.00 (BD)
8 channel USB DVR Card Price: 7,500.00 (BD)

DVR Machine (Without HDD, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse & Power Backup)

4 Channel DVR Machine  Price: 11,000.00 (BD)
8 Channel DVR Machine  Price: 16,000.00 (BD)
16 Channel DVR Machine  Price: 25,000.00 (BD)
24 Channel DVR Machine  Price: 38,000.00 (BD)

All Above Product have one years smart warranty. If you have any observation or quarry  feel free contact with us.

Contact : GEC-01925511038, Pahatali: 01911-882068, Agrabad: 01819808154 

Laptop Battery

HP,Toshiba,Acer,Dell Inspiron,Dell Vostra,Fujitsu,Lenovo,Hp Probook,HP Compaq All kind of laptop battery  here. Warranty 6 (Six) Month, Price: (2000-2800) BD.

Contact : GEC-01925511038, Pahatali: 01911-882068, Agrabad: 01819808154 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fiver optical to BNC convertor

Brand: Nufiver
Country: China
8 channel fiver optical to BNC
convertor with data
Brand: Nufiver
Country: China
4 channel fiver optical to BNC
convertor with data
Brand: Nufiver
Country: China
2 channel fiver optical to BNC
convertor with data
   Contact : GEC-01925511038, Pahatali: 01911-882068, Agrabad: 01819808154 

Asus Monitor

ASUS Model
Screen size, Panel
Retail Price
18.5”, LED
21.5”, AH-IPS
23”, AH-IPS
23”, AH-IPS
24”, LED
27”, AH-IPS
28”, VA

Contact : GEC-01925511038, Pahatali: 01911-882068, Agrabad: 01819808154 

Monday, April 7, 2014

D-Link 8 Port Switch

Model: DES-1008A
Brand: D-Link
Type: 8 Port 10/100 Desktop Switch.
Warranty: One year
Price: 1200.00 (BD).
Contact : GEC-01925511038, Pahatali: 01911-882068, Agrabad: 01819808154 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

16 Channel DVR Machine


Brand : i-Crown
Model : 7108V
System: PAL
Power: 12Volt 2A
H.264 compression format: Lower stream, higher quality, longer recording time, taking less bandwidth resources.
Display: Support both VGA and TV output, the VGA resolution can reach 1280*1024, have the function of preview and playback.
Playback quality: real time CIF video, each channel can be play back freely, option: normal play, supported play, fast back play, manual single-frame slow play, support drag the progress be can be targeted play back time directly.
Mobile Monitor: Support Iphone, Black berry, Windows mobile, Symbian, Android remote view.
Device USB support: support 2X SATA connector and 2X 2.0 USB HDD, achieve the USB Mouse,l copy recording, upgrading etc.
Operation interface: Similar to the windows operation, powerful mouse right click menu function.
Network: Support 3G, DHCP, PPPE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, EMAIL, IP limits of authority, IP reaching, Alarm as well WEB End-clients side, SDK>
Multi-language: English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Farsi, Portuguese, T-Chinese and Turkish.
Warranty : One year warranty. 
Price: 14,500.00 (BD)

 Contact : GEC-01925511038, Pahatali: 01911-882068, Agrabad: 01819808154
 Contact More information: 01925511038

Friday, February 7, 2014

Janani IPS

Contact : GEC-01925511038, Pahatali: 01911-882068, Agrabad: 01819808154